Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda Zia’s Pathetic Rule Will One Day End

This is a video of an average Bangladeshi speaking the truth of how Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda Zia rule without the care of the common people who voted them to power.  He openly states that the resources of Bangladesh is being sold to India while the Bangladeshis suffer with ever increasing prices.  You have to watch, it’s incredible.


Stop Blaming Each Other and Protect The Bangladesh Minorities

Banskhali-noakhali-hindu-temple-burnt-by-fanatic-muslimSheikh Hasina’s government always blames BNP and Jamat for burning down the minorities’  crib.  They pretty much use the mass media, billboard, social media and public speech to tell the public that BNP and Jamat is responsible for the incidence without any legitimate proof. But, I wonder why do they blame the oppositional parties all the time? The government has Police, RAB, BGB, Secret Service and Military on their side, yet not a single step was taken to arrest the people responsible for this. No one knows who did it. Why is that? How long are we going to play this blaming each other game? The funny thing is, if one BNP activist give public speech in the media, within an hour Sheikh Hasina arrest that person. Why can’t they do the same with the attack on the minorities? I think in the history of Bangladesh, 2013 is the only year where the minorities had to loose the most.

I really feel bad for them. They are also Bangladeshi. They contribute to our economy. They also had their ancestor in Bangladesh. Why can’t Bangladesh be the next Malaysia? Why can’t we live in peace? Aren’t we all brothers and sisters? Why can’t our government protect us? Why do they have to loose everything? Who ever is doing this for whatever reason please stop!

I am not supporting any political parties here. I just want the parties to stop blaming each other and dig deeper to find out who is doing this and bring him to the justice and make it fair. Let’s protect instead of blaming each other. Let it start with you. Remember, you are the leader of the nation!


Startup Dhaka

This is an motivational video of how the young generation in Dhaka are giving the rise of IT businesses.  This video show how young entrepreneurs are fighting the challenges that Bangladesh faces and giving rise to small startup businesses.


How the Awami League Won the Election 2014

Video Translation:

  1. Same person votes multiple times (The guy at 0:30)
  2. Police is quiet and does not want to answer why the same person voting multiple times (police)
  3. Awami League leaders paid the people to vote multiple times (Lady on the line)
  4. Under age kids are voting
  5. Non-voter ID people are voting
  6. Out of 3665 only 3 people voted in one voting center
  7. The voting officers do not want to say why there is corruption in voting
  8. The voting officers are voting on be half of the people
  9. TV reporters are chasing a voter who voted multiple times
  10. General population shows no interest in voting

This is the first video of corruption in Bangladesh. We will keep posting the video clips of corrupt politics to raise awareness. If you have any videos that you want us to publish, please email us the videos.


America, Save Bangladesh. Bangladeshi’s need you the most today!

G-_Recent-Projects-2011-2012_Save-BD_Save-BD-ID_SaveBD-PSDI am sure all of you know that the 10th National Election of Bangladesh was over on January 5th. Almost 80% of the Bangladeshis rejected the election since it was not fair and the major oppositional parties boycotted the election. I mean why wouldn’t they boycott. Sheikh Hasina, the current Prime Minister of Bangladesh arrested almost all of the top level leaders of the oppositional parties and expected them to compromise. Ask yourself if you would compromise when all of your family members are under the government arrest. Even if you compromised and go with the election would the election be fair? Almost all of the Bangladesh mass media showed the election was not fair since the government stole the ballot to win the election even with the limited number of voters.

Everyone is looking at USA, UK and Russia to say something. But what we seen so far is that, they tried to make the government and the oppositional parties to compromise before the election. But none of the parties compromised rather an unfair election took place on January 5th 2014 and pretty much buried the democracy. Some say, the death of democracy happened on January 5th of 2014 in Bangladesh. Where is USA today? Where are the leaders of the 1st world countries who scream of democracy every day? I think United States should not delay anymore and put pressure on all of the major political parties to come to a solution.

Now do you think Hasina’s government will listen to the United States? I don’t think so, as she already said she wouldn’t listen to the 1st world countries no matter what. In fact she didn’t even listen to the United Nation. So what can the 1st world countries do to establish a good democracy in Bangladesh and bring peace to this region of the world.  They should put a sanction on Bangladesh if Bangladesh cannot establish a democracy itself. I request all of the foreign corporates, please no more business with Bangladesh until the election is fair and acceptable by everyone. If the foreign business can put a pressure on Bangladesh, may be that can help a little. But overall, Bangladesh need’s the support of 1st world countries to establish a good democracy and end the corruption forever. Now is the right time to make this happen. We have seen Unites States is trying to establish a good democracy in the Middle Eastern countries for years but the people are not cooperative there. I can guarantee that every single individual in Bangladesh will love to see America helping them to establish a good democracy in Bangladesh and a fair election! Once again, America please save Bangladesh! I promise you, the people of Bangladesh will remember you forever.


Funny Politics of Bangladesh

This is a great skit by some Canadian students.  It’s inspiring that young Probashi Bangladeshis are concerned about the pathetic politics of Bangladesh and the condition of the country.  Now if young Bangladeshis overseas are concerned about the politics of Bangladesh then you know it’s gotten serious.


Who are Our Politicians and How are They Elected? What a Shame!

There are 154.7 million people in Bangladesh. Almost all of them are aware of the bad politics but no one is willing to take any action against it. I mean how would they take action when the judiciary, parliament, police and national guards are under the government control. Unless you know a politician the chances that your voice will be heard is almost zero. Even the mass media is part of the government. Most of the newspapers follow either Awami League or Bangladesh National Party. So basically you will never get any true story of any events by reading one newspaper. And I mostly write based on my personal experience. None of my post will contain any content from any Bangladeshi newspapers. I want my readers to get the real view of Bangladesh politics.

So, why do people vote these corrupt parties every election? Well, it is because there is no other good parties to vote for. And the funny thing is, most of the people know who is corrupted and who isn’t and yet they will still vote and elect the corrupted people. To be honest, most of the voters actually get paid to vote. Since, Bangladesh is a third world country, it is easy for the politicians to spend money to get votes. And this is how most of these corrupted politicians get reelected years after years. When I was in Bangladesh, I barely seen an educated person to vote because they know none of these politicians follow the true democracy.

Once these politicians are elected thats when the real game starts. As soon as they get into the public office, the first thing they do is get rid off all the criminal charges against them. Then, they do the same with their relatives who have charges against them.  And finally with their relative they start stealing public tax and making money illegally. And within 5 years most of the politicians become multi millionaires. And this cycle goes on and on from politicians to politicians.  I will write more about how the Bangladesh politicians make money illegally in my next post.

Awami League lawmaker Sheikh Afil Uddin (Jessore-1) has been caught on tape instructing his party members on how to rig elections by voting over and over again with using 100 men as he will “manage” the authorities including the Police!


Awami League Won the General Elections

The ruling party, the Awami League, have won the majority vote.  Are you as surprised? Most likely not; it was very obvious Awami League will win the general elections.  This election had a very poor turn out because the Bangladeshi people knew it’s just more work to go out and vote for the same leader who was going to even without their votes.

Sheikh Hasina has done a great job of shooting herself on the foot.  Her party leaders have a track record of gaining massive amounts of money while the people suffer.  She has taken away the independence of the judicial branches and on top of that she has taken away the independent powers of the anti-corruption commission.  Her government also accused Transparency International of wrong information of corruption even though her party leaders are caught red handed on various corruption charges.  Corruption charges such as the Hallmark scam, The Padma bridge project, the Railwaygate Scandal by the party’s Suranjit Sengupta, the mystery behind the Sagar-Rumi murder case, and the list goes on.

Sheikh HasinaSheik Hasina screams about protecting democracy but she will jail and kill anyone who speaks against her or her government.  In a democracy the people have the right to speak out but under Awami League it seems that the people are scared to speak out.  This election was not an election but a selection among ruling party candidates.  If Sheikh Hasina truly believed in democracy then she should have an election for party leader within her own Awami League party.

Awami League’s Current Formula of winning in a democracy:

  1. Put the opposition party’s main leader, Khaleda Zia, under house arrest
  2. Arrest most of the opposition party leaders under false charges
  3. Arrest your only significant ally, Ex-President Muhammad Ershad, who boycotted the election
  4. Send agents within hartals to cause havoc and burn public buses and vandalize
  5. Station security forces and Awami League agents to intimidate voters to vote for the ruling party

I feel sorry for the Bangladeshi people; they have the power to remove this tyrant regime but they don’t.  And if they this regime is removed, then it opens up the door to the other tyrant party, the BNP.  So the Bangladeshi people have to decide which evil to choose because either or they will suffer.  And neither party seem to learn that they will eventually disappear and they will answer for their crimes just like the war criminals who committed crimes in 1971.


Bangladesh is Not a Democracy

If you think that Bangladesh is a democracy because they hold “elections” then you are truly mistaken. The Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has systemically destroyed every democratic institution in the country. Anyone who opposes them are labeled as a “Pakistani” or a “rajakar”. It’s disgusting that a Muslim country, with so much potential can become like that. In my opinion it is the people’s fault to allow such a disgusting human being to remain in power.

In the Qu’ran, Surah Ar-Raad (13:11) states “For each (such person) there are (angels) in succession, before and behind him: they guard him by command of Allah. Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves (with their own souls). But when (once) Allah willeth a people’s punishment, there can be no turning it back, nor will they find, besides Him any to protect.” If the Bangladeshi people changed themselves such as rejecting bribery, and accept Islam, then things will get better. Some may say, they don’t want Islamic terrorism to come to Bangladesh. I don’t know about you, but secular terrorists have already killed, raped, and plundered Bangladesh. So terrorism is already there and conducted by the Awami League. Islam and terrorism are opposite with one another, and only ignorant people will say they are the same, when they are not.

Sheikh Hasina ordered the speedy trial of Quader Mollah, which was very suspicious by the international community. What is in question is, the Quader Mollah who committed the crimes was from Mirpur, and the Quader Molla that was executed was from Faridpur. And after 42 years from the gruesome genocide that happened in 1971 the evidence is now being surfaced by false pretense. This is the reason that that trial was not accepted.

Politicians like Sheikh Hasina and the Awami League cronies should learn from what happened to the leaders of the Arab world. At least the Arab leaders got oil to keep them surviving for as long as they did, but what does Hasina have other than her “bongobhondu” rhetoric which is so tiresome and no one cares for it. Her days are numbered and it’s a matter of time till she is captured and punished for her crimes against the innocent people of Bangladesh. If Sheikh Hasina and her Awami League crownies repeat what her father did after independence, then all I can say is may Allah have mercy on them because what they have coming from them will be what they sowed.